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Still a teenager, but with the dream more refined and developed internally, I went in search of him.

I studied in some different cities, such as: Piracicaba-SP, at that time I lived with my maternal grandparents, who encouraged me and taught me, with their simplicity, the true love between two people. Next destination was São Paulo-SP, the girl from the interior arrived in capitarrrr.

It wasn't easy, subway-training-home-subway-training......

Tiresome, why not talk exhausting. It was during this period that I discovered that the fight for Medicine would be intense. But after so much effort, I was approved in Blumenau-SC.

cirurgia plástica
cirurgia plástica


What happiness! What a joy to be at the medical school in Blumenau - SC, a beautiful city with hospitable people.

The routine at the college was intense, but very rewarding, there were years of a lot of acquired knowledge, where I was able to seek out more about the surgical area, through internships, projects, academic leagues and publications. 

I was prepared to continue in the surgical specialty, and the focus turned to the General Surgery residency, the second indispensable step to reach the long-awaited Plastic Surgery.


Upon completion of college, like many recent graduates, I needed to work to save the minimum amount of money to support myself and save for my residency/specialization period.

That's why I worked, in emergency services, in unions and even at Parque Beto Carrero! But she didn't swallow swords, breathe fire or wait in line for toys, she was a clinical doctor on duty, in case any child or adult needed care.

After a few tries,  I managed to get into Joinville-SC, at the Hans Dieter Schmidt Regional Hospital. There I met people who inspired me in different ways.


My current partner, Dr Vaneila Padilha, was the greatest gift, Dr Graça, Dr Vianna, Dr João Cesar and many other heads who were essential for me to become a surgeon and, in particular Dr Fernando Sanfelice, who encouraged me and showed with his surgeries to follow in the direction of Plastic Surgery.

cirurgia plástica



I was approved and had the immense honor of being part of the group of Residents of the renowned Dr. Osvaldo Saldanha, an exponent of the area and internationally recognized for his technique of Lipoabdominoplasty in Saldanha, performed all over the world.

I'm proud to say that I was by your side as an auxiliary/resident surgeon, and mainly, I was able to perform the technique under the eyes and guidance of its creator, being something really memorable.

I spent three long years in the Plastic Surgery residency, living on the coast of São Paulo (in Santos), where I grew up and matured personally and professionally.​


Time to definitely return to Bela and Santa Catarina, to the region of Balneário Camboriú and Itajaí-SC.


Magical, inspiring, cosmopolitan and beautiful place.


I start my post-graduation in Cosmiatry and Laser at Instituto Lapidare, teaching of extreme quality and excellent infrastructure.

preenchimento facial



Returning to the coast of Santa Catarina, my friend and I, now also a partner Dr. Vaneila Padilha, decided to set up an extremely quality Plastic Surgery clinic, with the very best for our patients. The space chosen was the 13th floor of the building overlooking the sea, on the splendid Praia Brava, in Itajaí.


We think of an exclusive environment, where our patients and their companions can feel good, marveling at the view of the sea and being assisted with quality, refinement, exclusivity and innovation. The Da Vinci Clinic will surprise you!


We also have partnerships with other medical clinics in the region, where patients have the choice of making their appointment/consultation, but some procedures and treatments are only possible at Da Vinci.

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